Sample Pricing

Most prices are custom, designed to fit your needs. Here are some guidelines to help you budget:

Weddings                                                                                                                $500 - $1500

The higher price includes an engagement shoot, a bridal shoot,
and full wedding day from hair and make-up to reception

Senior Pictures                                                                                                         $150 - $300

The higher price includes a studio session which begins with a 
photographed conversation that captures the senior's personality
and instructs the photographer, making the rest of the session a more
authentic reflection of your child. It includes an outdoor session, as well.

Family Portraits                                                                                                         $75 - $300

Family size, clothing changes, location, and number of
people combinations affects the price.

Pet Portraits                                                                                                               $75 - $150    

Location Photography                                                                                              $75 - $300

For Photographers, Time = Money. It is necessary to discuss the end product before giving an accurate estimate. Remember that for every one hour spent taking the photographs, at least two hours are spent editing them. Modifying, re-cropping, retouching, and putting finished photos into specific media can add many more hours. Truly professional, polished work that meets your needs is time greedy and skill heavy, but worth it when you consider its value as a treasured archive.